Geyser Flow Control, LLC is a Southern Nevada based company that markets, sells, installs and services the patented (U.S. Patent Number 7,306,170 B1) Sprinkler Flow Control Device (SFCD). The device minimizes water loss in the event of a failure in the sprinkler head or riser. The few devices that currently accomplish this task are three to four times more expensive and frequently require a complete overhaul of existing irrigation systems. The SFCD is unlike any other flow restriction device currently available because it is both low cost and easy to install.

The Sprinkler Flow Control Device also provides additional features that no other flow devices currently offer, in riser flow control which reduces high-pressure misting (over pressurization).

The Sprinkler Flow Control Device is installed by simply unscrewing the existing sprinkler head and placing the device at the optimal depth within the riser. Once the device is installed on the sprinkler heads, should a sprinkler head or riser be compromised the irrigation system is protected from extreme water and pressure loss. The device is excellent for dollar and water conscious homeowners, home owner associations, and municipalities.

Owners Micheal Giannini and Peter Maksymec

Michael Giannini

Peter Maksymec

Development Manager
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